Your Place in the Branch

This is a two day course which aims to develop an understanding of the GMB Branch, what its roles and functions are and how to develop an effective, democratic, active Branch that represents the needs of GMB members.

This course is mandatory for all Branch Officials and Workplace Organisers and you will be invited to the course by Area.

Course Aims

  • Understand the origins, history and structure of the GMB.
  • Identify the roles and functions of the Branch.
  • Outline the roles and responsibilities of respective Branch Officers.
  • Build an effective GMB Branch that functions democratically.

Course Content

  • The origins, history and structure of the GMB.
  • The role and functions of the GMB Branch.
  • Branch Officers and their respective roles and responsibilities.
  • Branch Committee’s – how to build effective team working and a democratic functioning Branch.
  • Building democracy in the Branch.