This is a five day course which aims to develop an understanding of the equalities agenda and looks at how to deal with a broad range of equality issues in the workplace.  This course is mandatory for all GMB WO’s including Shop Stewards, Safety Reps and Equality Reps.

Course Aims

  • An understanding of equalities issues that affect diverse groups.
  • A GMB approach to equalities.
  • An understanding of the Equalities Act and how to use it.
  • Understanding and handling different equalities issues that affects diverse groups.
  • Organising for equality in the workplace and in wider society.
  • The role of the Equality Reps and Branch Officers.

Course Content

  • Developing an understanding and analysis of the equalities agenda.
  • Developing the role of the Equality Reps & Branch Officers.
  • Reviewing issues and problems that affect diverse groups.
  • Developing organising techniques.
  • Understanding and using equalities law to build the GMB.
  • Understanding direct and indirect discrimination in the workplace.
  • Handling members’ equalities issues.
  • Negotiating for equalities.