London Weighting Needs Inflating

GMB union believes that anyone working in a school within RB Greenwich should receive full London Weighting, no matter what role they carry out within the school.

It is completely unfair that teachers in Greenwich schools receive inner London weighting and support staff and other council staff get outer London weighting. Greenwich can’t be inner London for some staff and outer London for others.

If you work for RB Greenwich or in a Greenwich school, please add your name to the below formal grievance, which we will submit to council management.


Dear Debbie Warren,

I am raising a formal grievance with regard to the difference in the London Weighting payments for employees across the borough for which I am one.

I know teachers in Royal Borough of Greenwich receive Inner London payment whilst all other council workers including schools support staff receive Outer London payments.

This is a difference of almost £2500.

The resolution I am seeking is for all employees to receive the Inner London payment.





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