Retired Members Association

GMB Southern Region’s Retired Members Association (RMA) is a group of retired GMB members who function like any other union group. They have regular meetings and discuss issues which affect retired members (such as pensions) but also look to offer support to active workplace campaigns too.

The national RMA constitution sets out the aims of RMAs, and this is as follows:

• The GMB RMA aims to provide practical assistance to the recruitment, retention and organisational objectives of the GMB wherever and whenever possible.

• The GMB RMA aims to campaign on behalf of retired GMB members, to bring about dignity in retirement.

• The GMB RMA will work in partnership with like-minded pensioner groups whenever it is appropriate to do so.

• The RMA aims at all times to comply with Equal Opportunity policies of the GMB. None of these important aims will be won by officers and committee alone – we need your support and involvement! You can see a message from the President here.

If you wish to raise any issues with the Committee please email

Here’s a flyer about us to read and share:

To join the Southern Region RMA, simply complete the online form at


Some more useful information for our Retired Members:

  • Follow this link for a really useful guide to the National Pensioners Convention toolkit to help you apply for Pension Credit.
  • Did you know that your membership of the GMB may entitle your family to claim a Funeral Grant when you die? It’s currently £400 so is a really helpful amount to assist them with funeral costs. Your family should contact the GMB regional office on 020 8397 8881 and ask for the Funeral Benefit Claim Form as soon as possible.
  • Leila Kassam is a member of our Regional RMA Committee. She represented us at the GMB’s national RMA conference – here is a link to her report.