GMB Wilko Store Ballot 2021

GMB have been negotiating hard with Wilko management, and we are in a position to ballot our members on their pay offer.

The company has offered a pay rise of 3.2%.

For full details of the pay offer, please read our latest update here.

Please take the time to register your vote using our online ballot below.

Please respond by 12noon on Monday 19th July.

Please note that we are asking for your membership number.  This is not to monitor how you have voted, and is just to ensure that only members vote and that nobody votes more than once.  If you do not include your membership number, your vote will not be counted.  If you do not know your membership number, reply to the text or email that referred you to this page and someone will reply with it.

Some of you will get the opportunity to vote in store when GMB Officers come to visit.  If you have voted via paper ballot, any vote you register below will not be counted.