TULO Campaign Days 2024

We will almost certainly have a General Election this year and if Labour wins that election, the implementation of the New Deal for Working People will transform the way we as trade unions operate: delivering day one employment rights, an end to fire and rehire, repealing anti-union laws, right of entry to workplaces, electronic and workplace ballots and sectoral bargaining.

We now have evidence from a number of by-elections that these policies are extremely popular with the electorate as well as Trade Unionists.  

To promote the policies in the New Deal for Working People and to support the Labour parties election campaign, TULO are organising a number of campaign sessions on Saturday, 3rd and Sunday, 4th February across Southampton Itchen, Medway and Beckenham and Penge as follows:

Southampton Itchen — Saturday 3rd February

Medway — Saturday 3rd February

Beckenham & Penge — Sunday 4th February

If you would like and are able to help with the campaigns, please complete the below form. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Gordon at michelle.gordon@gmb.org.uk