GMB Pay Ballot for Surrey County Council 2021/22

Since Surrey County Council sits outside the remit of the National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Government Services, GMB need to ballot our members about a pay deal specific to Surrey County Council workers each year.

We therefore need you to tell us whether you wish to accept the pay deal that has been tabled by management. If a majority of members do not accept the deal, we would look at pursuing an industrial action ballot, to ascertain whether members would be prepared to take action to try to win an improved offer.

Please note that the deadline for returned ballots is Wednesday 24th February 2021, so make sure you complete the form before then!

The pay deal consists of the following items (we are aware that Surrey County Council have “bottom loaded” for those staff that are in the lower pay grades from 1 to 7):

  1. Surrey Pay grade PS1/2 will be increased by £376 pa to £17,833
  2. Surrey Pay grades PS3 to PS7, point 4 will increase by £350 pa. Equivalent salaries on career pay models will also increase by £350. All other pay points will remain as current.
  3. Incremental pay progression to the next pay point within the grade will continue to apply, subject to performance for all eligible staff.
  4. There are also other changes to policies/procedures and payments, please read the pay offer below carefully before voting.

You can read the full offer document from the council at

Please note that if you work in an Academy, most will follow SCC's guidance, although others will now set their own pay and this ballot will only be advisory for them. Local discussions will take place with many academies following this ballot, and we will keep in touch with you if you work in affected schools. We would also like to remind you that some schools moved their pay award date to September and that this rise will not come into force until then if that is the case.

Please take the time to respond to the questions below.  You only need to complete the form once, so if you have already been directed here from a text message or email, and get directed here from a second communication, you only get one vote and any subsequent vote will not be counted, no matter how many times you vote.

We want you to be able to contact us about this, but are aware that members need to keep their ballots private.  If you wish to contact us about this ballot, if you are interested in becoming a local contact in your workplace to facilitate the pay ballot, would like more information about becoming a workplace rep, or think your details have changed from what we hold on file for you (address, contact details, workplace location or job title), visit our separate page at and fill in your details!

Surrey County Council Pay Ballot 2021-22

  • Do you accept Surrey County Council's pay offer for 2021/22? *:

    If you tick NO, you are agreeing to enter into dispute and move towards an industrial action ballot.

  • I understand that GMB will not record how I have voted and are only asking for my membership number to ensure only members have voted and that nobody can vote more than once. *: