Petition for GMB Recognition at Abri Trades

GMB are campaigning hard to get union recognition for trades workers at Abri.

So what is union recognition, and why are we doing this?  The answer to this question and more are on our easy to read fact sheet, which you can check out at

You do not need to be a GMB member to sign the petition, you just need to work in Trades at Abri, and agree that union recognition would be a good thing.  We list all the benefits of union recognition in the above fact sheet!  So please take 2 minutes to sign the below petition:

We, the undersigned, support recognition of GMB for Abri staff for the purpose of collective bargaining on pay, terms and conditions, hours, pensions and holidays.

  • Workplace *:

  • For GMB information, are you currently employed on TRP? *:

  • I agree that my name will be added to the petition for GMB recognition at Abri. My name will not be disclosed to management at Abri, as the claim for recognition is handled by an independent party *:

  • I understand that GMB will not store my details nor use them for any other reason than this petition and to keep me updated on the petition *: