Peacehaven Heights School Consultative Ballot

Peacehaven Heights IEB have applied to the Regional Schools Council to convert Peacehaven Heights into an Academy.

This is a voluntary conversion and as such we are asking our members whether they wish to continue the fight against this academisation.

This is an internal GMB ballot and not an official strike ballot.  A vote for strike action will not directly lead to an immediate strike, but will result in a formal strike ballot taking place.

Please complete the below form as it is vital that you let us know how you feel!

Consultative Ballot at Peacehaven Heights Primary School

  • Are you prepared to take strike action against the academisation of Peacehaven Heights School *:

  • I understand that GMB will not record how I have voted and are only asking for my membership number to ensure only members have voted and that nobody can vote more than once. *: