NHS and Ambulance Pay Ballot 2021

As you will know, GMB have been working hard to negotiate a proper pay rise for our hard-working, front-line NHS and ambulance staff.

The GMB pay claim as agreed by the NHS National Advisory Group and National Ambulance Committee was: 

  • 15%, or £2 per hour, whichever is the greatest. 
  • Unsocial hours enhancements to be paid to all staff when on sick leave. 
  • Commitment that NHS pay will never fall below a Real Living Wage again. 

The Government have announced that they will follow the PRB recommendation of 3% for all Agenda for Change staff, backdated to 1st April 2021.  It is therefore time for you to vote on this offer.

Your GMB National NHS Advisory Group and National Ambulance Committee are recommending you Vote to Reject in the ballot. 3% falls far short of the restorative pay increase of 15%, or £2 per hour, which we have been calling for.

The Government, in choosing to use the PRB process, do not have to obtain the assent of trade unions before implementation. Therefore, Government may implement the pay offer, regardless of unions ballot process timelines or results. Your vote is however still crucial. This is your chance to have your say on your pay and for you to notify GMB of your position – whether you support or oppose the 3%.

Please vote using the form below.  This is a consultative pay ballot only, so is not a ballot for industrial action.  The ballot is for GMB to understand our members opinions of the 3%. Spoilt ballot papers will not be counted, and if you vote more than once, the first vote will be counted and all subsequent votes ignored.  We are asking for your membership number to ensure that only eligible members vote, and that nobody votes more than once.  You should have received your membership number in the body of the text or email that directed you on to this page, however if you still do not know your membership number, contact your local office who will be able to give this to you.  Votes submitted without a valid GMB membership number will not be counted.

The ballot closes at 12noon on Friday 17th September 2021.  Please ensure you fill in the below form before this time.  Forms completed after this time will not be counted. 

It is important that every member has their say and uses their vote – complete your form below TODAY to ensure your vote counts.