GMB Pay Ballot for Kent County Council 2023/24



Since Kent County Council (KCC) sits outside the remit of the National Joint Council (NJC) for Local Government Services, GMB need to ballot our members about a pay deal specific to KCC workers each year.

Every year GMB carries out a pay survey for KCC members. What was clear from last year’s survey, was that members wanted the following:

  • A pay rise in line with inflation
  • A clear, fair and more transparent pay scale
  • No more TCP’s [Total Contribution Pay] - this is your performance related pay: Successful/Excellent/Outstanding.

GMB firmly believes that your pay rise should not be related to your performance at work.  You should be able to understand your pay and grading!  Most importantly, KCC job roles need to be revaluated. We got most of what you asked for this year but rest assured, we will not rest on our laurels.  We will continue to fight for fairer pay and better terms and conditions for our members in KCC.

The offer is set out below.  We believe it is the best offer we can get through negotiations.  We need you to tell us whether you wish to accept the pay deal that has been negotiated between the unions and KCC.  If a majority of members do not accept the deal, we may need to ballot you for industrial action.

KCC Pay Offer 2023/24

  1. A suspension of all TCP’s for 2023/24.  £2000 consolidated up to the bottom of KR11.  Top of KR11-KR20 a decreasing % uplift. This is pro rata’d for TTO staff.
  2. An extra day’s annual leave for anyone with less than 30 days leave. TTO staff will get this as an extra days pay.
  3. KCC, with the recognised unions, commit to a pay strategy review.

To find out what this means for you, check out our guidance grid here.

If you work in an academy, most will follow KCC's guidance, although others will now set their own pay and this ballot will only be advisory for them.

If you are not in the Kent range and believe GMB are not involved in pay talks in your school, please contact us on