GMB Southern Region Private Care Workers Survey

GMB Southern Region know that your health and safety, as a key worker, is vital.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is essential in your vital roles.  We believe you should be supported not only with appropriate equipment but also with security in your pay. 

You care for the most vulnerable in society and we have to make sure that you can care for yourselves and your families as well.

The priority of GMB Southern Region is the defence of your interests.  Your union is here for you and we will do our best for you with the resources we have.

Complete this short survey to let us know how you are feeling in this time of crisis.  GMB will keep all responses strictly confidential. Only overall results will be shared.  You can read GMB's Privacy Policy at to see how we use and store your data.

Please share this survey with your colleagues! It is vitally important that everyone is informed & protected.


About You

  • What company do you work for? *:

  • Have you been provided with all of the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? *:

    This includes masks, gloves, aprons, soap and hand sanitiser.

  • If no to the previous question, what equipment (or related) are you not being provided with?:

    Select all that apply.

  • Would you support a campaign for additional payments for private care workers? *:

    (including carers, nurses, domestics, maintenance and others)

  • How confident do you feel in the government's support of Social Care during the Covid-19 crisis? *:

    1 = totally dissatisfied; 5 = completely satisfied

  • Are you a GMB member?:

    If not, you can join online now at: