Yodel Committed Shifts Ballot

GMB wanted to send you an update on the negotiations regarding Committed Shifts and we apologise for the delay which was due to GMB waiting on a formal offer from the company.  We have now received the offer and it`s now your time to decide. Due to this being a contractual change, this cannot be implemented without your consent and agreement.

When we started the campaign, you, our members, told us that you were unhappy with the Committed Shifts and the payments that you received in return. The consensus was that you wished to be paid time-and-a-half instead of time-and-a-quarter and this is what we approached the company about.

The company initially proposed the shifts might be scrapped and this is what we were going to discuss with you as to gauge your opinion, however, the company have stated that they still need to maintain some Committed Shifts to be able to support the operation during peak periods only e.g. Valentine’s Day. They have now put a formal proposal to us which is to reduce the Committed Shifts to five additional shifts (pro Rata 2 or 3 days part time), instead of the original 10 (pro rata).

As this is a formal offer and it is a contractual term to remove or alter the committed shifts pattern, we have to run a ballot.

Please indicate below whether you wish to ACCEPT or REJECT the company’s proposal.  The ballot will close at 12noon on Monday 20th March.

The reps committee have met to discuss the offer and we are not making any recommendation as to whether you should accept or reject the company proposal as this is a different offer from what we had requested.

If you choose to reject the company offer then we will be requesting, on your behalf, what offer that you are prepared to accept as members of the GMB to obtain your original request