Wilko Pay Survey 2023

Please see below the 2023 GMB Pay Survey.

The information we receive from our members will be used to formulate the GMB 2023 pay claim.

In October 2022, GMB negotiated a ‘mid-year’ pay rise because of the impact of the cost-of-living crisis on our members. Wilko have committed to starting pay talks in January 2023 to ensure we have an offer to put to members in good time before your next pay rise is due in April.

GMB is your Union in WILKO and we are only as strong as the members. Everyone in your workplace is better off as a GMB member. So, if you know any colleagues who have not yet joined, they can join by visiting www.gmb.org.uk/join. It's that easy.

This survey is now closed

If you have any questions, your GMB convenors are:

David Bartlett (Retail South) 07419 988869

Rachel Clarke (Retail North) 07774 672401

Carol Robertson (Retail North) 07774 684046

Mick Newton (DC1) 07754 558803

Paul McGuire (DC2 and Retail Wales and SW) 07407 894745