Wilko Pay Ballot 2023

Following negotiations between Wilko and your GMB negotiating team, we now have a final pay offer from the company.

The offer is:

  • An increase of the Level 1 Base rate to £10.62 per hour
  • Level 2 Base Rate to £10.86 per hour
  • Level 3 Base Rate to £13.00 per hour
  • Level 5 Base Rate to £21.34
  • Head Office band 1 team members will receive an increase of between £0.62 - £1.02 per hour to maintain April 22 differentials.
  • In addition, DC 1 and 2 will maintain a market forces retention supplement of 23p per hour between 1st April 2023 and October 2023 when this will be reviewed.

If the offer is accepted by GMB members, the rates will apply from 1st April 2023.

In addition to the financial offer, Wilko have committed to resuming pay talks in October 2023, giving the business a chance to review their trading position and the GMB an opportunity to push for further pay increases where appropriate.

Furthermore, Wilko have committed to a quarterly review of contracted hours within stores. This gives GMB the chance to review the hours individuals team members are actually working against their current contract size. Where a member is consistently working over their contract, they will be offered the opportunity to increase their contract to reflect this, giving them assurance of their weekly income.

Your GMB Reps and Negotiating Team believe that given the trading position of the business, it is the best offer achievable by negotiation. Considering the commitment to resume pay talks in October, undertake a contract review involving GMB input and maintaining the DC market forces supplement.

GMB representatives will complete engagement store and site visits from Monday 6th March and the GMB ballot will run until 12noon on Thursday 23rd March.

If you missed your store visit, please use the ballot paper below to vote on the above pay offer before 12noon on Thursday 23rd March.