To BAME or not to BAME: What do you think of the term BAME?

The SRN recognises that the term BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) is problematic for some people. 

The Mission Statement of the SRN includes a commitment to promoting, recognising and appreciating equality and diversity of our members.

We recognise that the term BAME is widely used in written and spoken communications.  However, the use of the term has become a hot topic of debate. This short survey is a chance for you to have your views heard. All responses will be anonymous and cannot be traced back to the person completing the survey. 

Please return your survey responses by 12th March.

Please take 2 minutes to complete the below

  • Are you from a Black, Asian or other UK ethnic minority group? *:

  • Do you understand what the term BAME means? *:

  • Do you identify yourself as BAME? *:

  • Do you object to the use of the term BAME? *:

  • Do you agree with the use of the term BAME? *:

  • Are you neutral regarding use of the term BAME? *: