Veolia Lambeth Pay Ballot 2021

Following a meeting with Veolia management, a pay offer has been put forward by management for all staff on Veolia contracts.  This is in line with the increase to LLW and the same percentage offer to staff above this rate.

You can read the full details of this offer at

If you are on NJC contracts this does not apply, and we are awaiting details of any agreement with local government shortly.

Could all Veolia contract members please indicate below if they wish to accept or reject the offer, by Friday 28 May.

If you are on an NJC contract, i.e. an ex Lambeth worker, please let us know by emailing, as we are currently looking into the grading for these workers and believe they may not be correct. 

We are constantly looking to keep our members updated with the latest developments in our campaigns, so please could you also email us at the above address, giving us your personal email address and mobile number, so that we can contact you by either means of communication in the future.