Vaccination survey for members who identify as BAME

The evidence shows that people from BAME* communities are less likely to take up the offer of a vaccination against Covid 19.

The SRN would like to ask our members who identify as BAME* about your experience of being offered the vaccine, whether or not you have taken up the offer and if not, the reasons why not.

Your responses will be used to take forward any campaigning issues and information needs that arise from the vaccination programme. 

All responses will be anonymous and cannot be traced back to the person completing the survey. Please return your survey by 1st March. 

*The SRN understands that the term BAME is problematic for some people. We are working to find terminology that is acceptable to the majority of members. 

Please take 2 minutes to complete the below

  • Have you been offered the vaccine? *:

  • If you were offered the vaccine tomorrow would you take it? *:

  • If not, what are your concerns?:

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