GMB @ SWAST Menopause Survey - COMPLETED

Thank you very much for your time!

Privacy Statement

  • The data will be analysed for any trends and statistics. Information that identifies any individual will be destroyed and will not be shared with SWAST
  • GMB will share the statistics and trends with SWAST. The information we share with the employer will not identify individuals. We will use data based on job titles, but again only where we can be sure an individual  will not be identified

Thank you very much for your input. We are collecting this data with a view to improving workplace practices and the experience of those who go through the menopause at work. Your contribution will help us to do that. 

If you have any issues in relation to your employment, please contact your union representative.

Once again, thank you for your help filling this in. Would you be willing to get involved in the campaign?

If so please add your name and contact details here and we will get in touch.

This personal information will be kept separate from your survey responses.

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