GMB @ SWAST Menopause Survey

GMB are launching an online survey to find out how SWAST treat people when they are experiencing the menopause.  

And we need your help!   

The survey is primarily focusing on those who have experienced or are currently experiencing the menopause, but we are also asking for input from others, they may not have direct experience but can give useful information about how the menopause is viewed generally in the workplace. This means we would like everyone to complete the GMB survey. 
The aim of the survey is to look at how people going through the menopause are treated, and opinions of the menopause in the workplace, in order that we can make things better for people going through the menopause in future.  

GMB have been hearing from GMB members that they are suffering in silence, without appropriate support or adjustments in workplace, moreover that menopause is not recognised as an issue. 1 in 3 woman has either experienced or is currently going through menopause. It is clear menopause is impacting more and more GMB members. We can’t get change without being able to show the employer there is an issue! 


Please complete GMB menopause survey at 

We ask you NOT to include any personal information which could identify any individual.  We are though of course very careful with any data you supply us – you can check out our Privacy Policy at 

If you are not comfortable answering any question, just click on to the next one.

We appreciate you taking part in the survey! The deadline for completing GMB menopause survey is 17 September 2020 . If you would like to get more involved in our campaign to ensure those going through the menopause get the support they need, or if you need this survey in another format (e.g. large print, coloured paper, etc), need help filling it in, or would like to discuss it in more detail, please get in touch with your local GMB Rep, GMB Branch Secretary for SWAST, Alan Giles or Asia Allison, GMB Officer ( or 01793818005) in confidence.