South Thames Colleges Group Ballot

GMB members will be aware that after lengthy discussion with the employer that started in September, we have finally reached a position with the employer where they are able to give us a full and final pay offer, which is attached to a regrading proposal. This offer, will already been communicated to you by your employer will have the following effects if accepted:

  • To pay a non-consolidated £500 to all staff with an existing salary above £25,000 and £750 to staff at or below £25,000 in the September 2022 payroll (already implemented)
  • To increase the lowest current and future pay scales to £22,500 to at least align to the London Living Wage (which for a 23-year-old adult working 36 hour per week for 52 weeks is £22,370 from 22nd September 2022)
  • The value of all existing incremental progression in relation to the current grading structure was implemented in August 2022. In addition, it is intended to progress all staff within the new Grades 1-6 to the next highest scale point in their new grade. Where that progression does not produce an increase of at least 4% the following will take place. Firstly, a consolidated salary supplement will be applied if required to ensure a 2% consolidated salary increase from January 2023. Secondly, a non-consolidated payment will be made to achieve a total 4% outcome for the period 1 January to 31 July 2023. (Note: All staff have previously been sent details of the impact on them of the consolidated increase. For staff falling within Grades 1-5 this information is still correct but excludes the impact of any non-consolidated payment to achieve the 4%. Those staff who will qualify for a further non-consolidated increase and those staff within Grade 6 impacted by the revised proposals will be notified by the 19th January of the change.)
  • For colleagues on grades 1-6, this pay offer will now provide for an average increase in salaries of 7% this year, combining consolidated and non-consolidated payments. On this basis and for the same group of staff, the minimum uplift will amount to 4.33%.
  • All staff are entitled to seek a re-evaluation of their post where they feel it is not representing the correct grade for their job
  • The employer has improved the pay of the top of grade 6, raising this £46,200
  • The employer has set out plans for all of those moving to grades 7-11 on 1st August 2023 to receive a further non-consolidated payment of £1000

The full proposals on pay and changes to your T&Cs are below:

Pay Proposals

Changes to T&Cs

We are now asking you to vote on this offer, to tell us if you wish to accept or reject the proposals from your employer.

The GMB is not making a recommendation, though the employer has indicated to us that this is a full and final pay offer. If it is rejected then we will likely seek to ballot you for industrial action.

Please note, the ballot closes on 31st January, so do complete the below ballot form as soon as possible.