Red Gates Save Our School Petition

Red Gates School is a primary school in South Croydon.  It is a specialised school for children with severe learning difficulties.

It is being proposed that Red Gates be taken over by an academy trust and turned into an academy, which GMB opposes.

Here's why we oppose this academisation, in the words of our GMB rep, who works there:


We do not want Red Gates School to be taken over by an academy.

We love our school and want what is best for our pupils.  We fear for our job security, for the wellbeing of our pupils and for our school as a whole.

Pegasus Academy have not got SEN experience.

The Board of Governors have had a weak presence at Red Gates.  When meeting and making decisions about the academisation, they chose to exclude people who have extensive knowledge of the school and would have given valuable insight and advice.

Our governors have ignored our questions and failed to handle our grievance correctly.  We have lost faith in them and their judgements.  Joining Pegasus Academy will not benefit the school.

Red Gates management have been given ‘acting’ job titles, meaning the governors and/or the academy can choose to change the structure of our management any time, which will disrupt our school even more.  We had an Ofsted inspection in March and the good/outstanding report proves that we do not need anything to be changed!



Please add your details to the petition below and show the governors at the school that the local community does not want the school converted to an academy, for the good of the pupils, the staff, the community and of the school itself.


This petition is now closed.  GMB are delighted to be able to inform you that following a campaign of industrial action, Red Gates School will no longer be looking to become an academy.  We are very grateful to all who signed the petition and showed an interest in this dispute.