NHS and Ambulance Pay Ballot 2022

As you will know, Government have now made their announcement regarding what this year’s pay award will be for NHS and ambulance staff in England and Wales.

The pay award is as follows: 

  • £1400 consolidated uplift in pay for all Agenda for Change Staff to their Full Time Equivalent Salary. This includes the National Living Wage adjustments made for Bands 1 & 2 from 1st April 2022.
  • This will be enhanced to 4% for staff at the top of Bands 6 & 7.
  • Backdated to 1st April 2022

It is thought that this award will go into your September pay packets, with back pay to follow in October, but this is yet to be confirmed.

The Government do not have to obtain the assent of trade unions before implementation.  Therefore, Government may implement the pay offer, regardless of unions ballot process timelines or results.  Your vote is however still crucial.  It’s a vote to save your living standards.  This is your chance to have your say on your pay and for you to notify GMB of your position – whether you support or oppose the pay award.

Your GMB National NHS Advisory Group and National Ambulance Committee are recommending you VOTE YES to industrial action.

This is a consultative pay ballot only.  This is not a ballot for industrial action.  This ballot is for GMB to understand our members opinions of the pay award and seek to understand whether you would be willing to take part in industrial action to continue the campaign for pay justice.