GPlan Pay Ballot 2023

GMB has been negotiating with GPlan to ensure you receive a decent pay rise for 2023.  In response to the pay claim that we submitted, GPlan have offered the following:

Pay Review

We propose a 2.5% pay increase across the bargaining unit.  This percentage increase would be applied to the calculator rate for PBR employees, to the basic hourly rates for all hourly paid employees, to training rates, shift allowances, forklift allowances, the fallback rate for PBR employees and to the overnight and meal allowances for drivers.

This increase would be backdated to 1st January 2023.

Plant Bonus

We propose to implement a Plant Bonus scheme from the start of the new financial year (July 2023).  This would provide all employees with the potential to earn £400 over the course of 12 months.

Reduced Summer Shutdown

We propose to reduce the summer shutdown period from 3 to 2 weeks to provide employees with more floating holiday.  Floating holiday could be taken at any other time during the holiday year and would be subject to the normal company holiday booking procedure.

Waiting Time Pay

Due to escalating waiting time costs which are unsustainable in the long term, we propose to reduce the waiting time payment from average pay to the fallback rate (currently £12.36, however would increase to £12.67 with the proposed pay review of 2.5%).  The savings from this will help to finance the Plant Bonus.

GMB is recommending a REJECTION of the above pay offer due to the cost of living RPI rate currently being 7.8%.

Please vote in the ballot below, which closes at 12noon on Friday 2nd June.