Croydon Housing Service Petition

GMB members in the Housing and Homelessness Service are taking strike action to defend the service against the current proposed restructure which will cause chaos for staff and put people who rely on their services at risk.

Staff have been completely sidelined during this process, resulting in the creation of a very hostile working environment. The proposed restructure not only strips them of their conditions and jobs, but it adds to what is an unprecedented squeeze on living standards – which also sees council chiefs including Mayor Perry, CEO Katherine Kerswell, Susmita Sen, Hamid Khan and Beatrice Cingtho-Taylor, callously disregard the welfare of Croydon residents during this crisis.

The members have no confidence in the current Management and Leadership to ensure a functioning Housing and Homelessness Service or provide best value for money for Croydon residents and Service users.

Once against, Croydon staff and residents have been asked to mitigate the damage and incoherent management of Croydon Council, subsequently forcing staff and residents towards breaking point. To have increased Council Tax by 15 per cent for residents whilst cutting the very service that provides support to Croydon’s most vulnerable during this housing crisis is the opposite of acting in the public interest.

By signing up to this petition, you are adding your name to the list of council staff and residents who have no confidence in the council to deliver for the people of Croydon.

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