Consultative Ballot at Abri December 2020

This is a Consultative Ballot to assess whether the strength of feeling amongst you all is enough to progress to a Formal Ballot for industrial action against the company.  (At this consultative stage, this is for the GMB to assess how many of you vote, and how you vote, before moving to a legal and formal ballot.)

You know what you stand to lose with the new contracts and pay.  You can see that your sick pay is less favourable that office based staff.  You can see that Stand By and other elements of your contracts are changing.  We know that none of you want this, but how much you are prepared to fight back is your choice.

This is your opportunity to stand up to the company, and I cannot stress enough that this form of industrial action is your best opportunity to stand up to Abri.  Please do not rely on UK employment law to rescue you all from this, as unfortunately, many of those in power have no issue with Fire and Rehire.  It should be illegal, but in most cases, it sadly isn’t (yet). 

You are being asked two questions: 

  1. Are you prepared to take strike action?
  2. Are you prepared to take action short of strike? 

Everyone knows what a strike is, but to explain, ‘action short of strike’ may include things like ‘Work-To-Rule’, where every worker follows all health and safety guidance to the letter and does not do any work at all above and beyond their contract.  Please be aware, this is a fantastic form of industrial action but is actually more difficult for workers to achieve in terms of the organisation and discipline it takes from you all.  Please be aware of that when voting, and I urge you all not to be ‘scared’ to strike. 

The strongest response is a YES vote for both options.

Your responses, and the number of responses we get back, will determine whether you all wish to fight, or whether you wish to give in early.  The GMB have to see that Abri members are a strong, well organised and determined group to authorise moving to a formal ballot, and that lies in your hands. 

Please, encourage other members to vote, and keep encouraging other colleagues to join the union, which they can do at 

Consultative Ballot at Abri

  • Are you prepared to take strike action? *:

  • Are you prepared to take action short of strike? *:

  • Do you currently receive TRP? *:

  • I understand that GMB will not record how I have voted and are only asking for my membership number to ensure only members have voted and that nobody can vote more than once. *: