Asda Switch to Direct Debit

GMB is your union in Asda, and we are working hard to Make Work Better for all of you, every day.  These efforts are not always popular with the employer, and our efforts to win you a pay rise have been particularly unpopular with Asda management.

GMB understands that Asda are planning to remove the check off facility for members — meaning you will no longer be able to pay your union subscriptions direct through your wages.

It is obviously Asda's intention to make it difficult for us to organise and campaign within stores and distribution centres, which must show that we're doing something right!

If you are a GMB member and currently pay your subs through your wages, please complete the below form with your bank details and we will set you up a Direct Debit.

It is not for Asda to decide whether you can be a union member or not, and you could argue that their actions are proving how vital it is to protect yourself at work.

If you are not the main account holder or if you hold a joint bank account, please contact your local office as you will need the signature of both of you to set up a Direct Debit mandate.

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