Asda Gosport Picket Line Sign-Up

GMB members at Asda's Gosport superstore are preparing for a historic strike - the first ever strike in any Asda store in the country.

Since our members work around the clock at this store, there will be a 48-hour picket line, starting from 00:01 (one minute past midnight) on Friday 9th February until midnight on Saturday 10th January.

Whilst these members have been the first to vote to take strike action, we know that workers in other stores are facing similar problems and may wish not only to organise some action of their own in store, but also to come along when they are not working to show solidarity on the picket line.

None Gosport Asda Members

You can only attend in your own time or if you are on annual leave. Please do not come if you are off sick or are supposed to be working in your own store.

Only striking workers who work at the Gosport store will qualify for any hardship support. 

If any Asda worker, or any other GMB member, wishes to come down to the picket line, please let us know using the below form when you are planning to come down.

Gosport Asda Members

Please let us know when you intend to join the picket line using the form below. Those of you on strike will need to register with the picket supervisor when you arrive. 


I'm planning to attend the picket line