Active Prospects Consultative Ballot

Active Prospects has made the following proposals for 2023/2024 to be implemented from 1st April 2023:

Terms Current Proposed

Standard Hourly Rate

£10.30 £11.00
Pay for Lead Support Workers   Up to £12.70
Bank Holidays Double pay for Easter, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.  Normal pay on the other 4 bank holidays. Time and a Half (1.5x Hourly Rate) for all USUAL public holidays. i.e. not for special ones such as Jubilee
Sickness Absence Enhanced Sick Pay after 1 year's service.  Staff to receive no sick pay during the first 3 days of absence. Option to make up time in lieu within 4 weeks of absence.
Special Leave/ Dependent Leave Maximum 2 days' paid leave in a 12 month period Make this leave unpaid/use annual leave entitlement

Please indicate below whether you would like to accept or reject these changes.