Swindon social work managers balloted to join escalating strike action

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Social work managers voting on whether to take action as GMB slam pay and grading ‘cock up’

Social work managers at Swindon Borough Council are being balloted by GMB for strike action over a pay dispute.

Assistant Team Managers (ATMs) supervise and provide professional support for other social workers and run case conferences, which is a significantly higher level of responsibility than Advanced Social Workers.

A deeply flawed pay and grading process that took effect from 1 September has failed to recognise or reward the extra responsibility.

This dispute is to run alongside a separate dispute involving members within the borough’s Emergency Duty Service.

The ballot is due to open on Tuesday 14 November and close on Tuesday 28 November. Andy Newman, GMB Branch Secretary said: "Our members are extremely angry that the huge level of responsibility they bear is not financially recognised by the council.

“They are an essential layer of management who carry the can for the most vulnerable clients supported by the council. "GMB members are asking why they should do a management job, and take the extra responsibility when the people they supervise are paid virtually the same as them?

"GMB has warned Swindon Borough Council that the pay and grading has been one long cock up, from start to finish.

“We call on the borough to get round the table with GMB and offer these essential staff a fair pay settlement.”