Workers at Queen Mary Hospital, Roehampton to protest against savage cutbacks

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GMB members, working as domestics, porters and housekeepers for Sodexo at Queen Mary Hospital in Roehampton will demonstrate tomorrow (11 May) over cuts. 

The workers who are already being balloted for strike action over the changes will stage a protest against plans to cut jobs and the merging of job roles. 

Queen Mary Hospital, Roehampton Lane, London SW15 5PN 

Wednesday 11th May 2022 

12pm Midday  

The strike ballot closes on Friday 13th May and if successful will bring the hospital to a halt.

Helen O’Connor, GMB Organisers said:  

“Our members in Queen Mary’s hospital have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to serve the patients and they feel utterly betrayed by Sodexo. They are aware that the contract was awarded to Sodexo on the basis they implemented these savage cuts.  

“Our members feel absolutely betrayed by this dirty deal made behind closed doors and without the involvement of their union of choice GMB.  

“They are also deeply concerned about the impact this cutback will have on the workload of their clinical colleagues and on health and safety standards in Queen Mary’s hospital.  

“We are calling on South West London and St Georges NHS to step in and stop this consultation because the result will end in dirty and dangerous hospital wards.” 


Media enquiries Helen OConnor 07506 711574