South London & Maudsley NHS: Don’t turn a blind eye to poverty pay in your Trust

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GMB members working for Aramark at South London & Maudsley NHS sites, including Maudsley Hospital and Bethlem Royal Hospital, are on strike today against poverty pay.

GMB, the Union for workers in the NHS, is running a petition against this. South London & Maudsley NHS Trust are turning a blind eye to Aramark’s abuse of its workers. Please sign the petition to ensure they face up to their responsibilities.

South London & Maudsley NHS Aramark Petition

I, the undersigned, am signing this to call on the board of South London & Maudsley NHS Trust to face up to their responsibilities. Their private catering and cleaning contractor Aramark are paying their workers poverty wages and the Trust have been turning a blind eye. These workers are NHS workers, and they are vital to the running of Maudsley Hospital, Bethlem Royal Hospital and other Trust sites. It is wrong for the Trust to outsource this contract to a private provider like Aramark, simply so that corners can be cut, causing lower standards for patients and conditions for workers being driven down right across the Trust.