More than 1,250 Asda workers demand supermarket acts to stop violence following Clapham attack

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GMB Union hands in more than 1,250 letters from terrified supermarket workers asking Asda for protection in wake of ‘Spiderman’ gang attack 

GMB, the union for Asda workers, delivered more than1,250 letters calling on the supermarket to act to stop abuse and violence against staff in the wake of a terrifying gang attack. [See attached picture]

The event took place at the Clapham Junction store where GMB members suffered a terrifying mob attack on July 22.  

Workers were beaten and hospitalised, with shocking footage viewed by thousands on social media. 

GMB calls on Asda to act against any customer who abuses or assaults Asda staff and ensure the workforce are kept safe 

Mark Wilkinson GMB Senior Organiser said: 

“Retail workers have worked throughout the pandemic helping to ensure the country is fed. Despite this they continue to face abuse and assault on a daily basis. The abhorrent attacks on Asda Clapham Junction staff, which many will have seen on social media, are the final straw 

“Nobody should face that sort of violence and abuse just for doing their job.  

“GMB members working for Asda have two clear demands – Asda must prosecute whenever a colleague is abused or assaulted, and they must put in place adequate security in store to ensure staff are safe. 

“Nobody can possibly think these are unreasonable demands. Asda must act before more people are seriously hurt."


Media enquiries: GMB Press Office on 07958 156846 or at

Picture shows (Left to right) Peter Roberts, GMB Organiser; Sheila Berry, GMB Senior Organiser and Mark Wilkinson, GMB Senior Organiser, with more than 1,250 letters from terrified Asda workers outside Asda's Clapham Junction store.