GMB Southern support TUC rally for ‘A New Deal for Working People’ on 12 May

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GMB are supporting the TUC’s national march and rally for ‘a new deal for working people’ as part of its TUC Great Jobs Agenda campaign.

TUC created the Great Jobs Agenda to give the trade union movement a common set of bargaining asks in workplaces. They include; be paid fairly, work in a safe and healthy environment, be treated decently, have regular hours, get a voice on what matters at work, and have the chance to get on in life.

GMB Southern are encouraging all members to attend the march and rally. Details of the event are as follows:

Saturday 12th May 2018
Assembling at Embankment between Hungerford Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge at 11 AM
Moving to Hyde Park at 12PM
Speakers include Frances O’Grady, TUC General Secretary
Finishing at 4PM

Paul Maloney, GMB Regional Secretary said: “GMB Southern region will play a major role in this TUC event. Since 2007 our members in the public sector saw their standards of living fall by over 10%.

“There has been a massive increase in zero hour contracts and precarious employment.

“With the cost of living surpassing earnings, our members in the whole economy are getting deeper in debt while working longer unpaid hours.

“Pension provision is virtually non-existent as is sick pay. It’s time the government stopped supporting fat cat employers and the gig economy against the best interests of hard working GMB members in health, education and other sectors.”

Let us know if you are intending to come via our Facebook event page at or email