Disciplinary action dropped against disabled GMB member

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"We are glad that ISS have done the right thing in dropping these charges," says GMB Union

A disabled GMB member who was going through disciplinary proceedings after asking for PPE has been told he can return to work and that all disciplinary charges have been dropped, following successful campaign.  

The man who collects rubbish at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, had requested a face mask because he was concerned about contracting covid-19 and passing it onto his brother with whom he lives. [1] The face mask was refused and when the GMB member disputed the decision he was told he would be disciplined for his behaviour.  

The man was suspended from work for weeks and he feared he would be sacked. After a long GMB campaign, which was supported by the local community, the member has been told he can return to work.  

ISS have also agreed that the member, who suffers from a disability, will have reasonable adjustment measures put in place to ensure that he is properly supported while working. 

Helen O’Connor, GMB Organiser, said: “GMB Union strongly believes that the public sector equality duty should be evenly and universally applied across the public sector. This means that employers should go the extra mile to support disabled people to remain in work.  

"We are glad that ISS have done the right thing in dropping these charges and GMB will always work with employers to ensure that disabled members are fully supported in the workplace. 

"GMB will continue to raise awareness about the hidden issues and barriers that disabled workers face in the world of work and we will continue to campaign to end all forms of discrimination for good. 

"GMB advises all disabled workers to not only join our trade union but to become organised and active within it too because there is so much more to be done.”  


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