Brighton and Hove bin strike officially over after council ratifies improved pay deal

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Lowest paid council staff across the city will get a pay rise after GMB members stuck up for themselves

The Brighton bin strike is officially over after the council ratified an improved pay deal.

GMB members had already voted to accept the deal - which will increase pay and end unilateral round changes - as well as improving pay of council workers across the city.

The council's policy and resource’s committee has now followed suit.

Refuse HGV drivers in Brighton and Hove had taken 13 days of strike action; 30 more days - due to begin on tomorrow [October 21] will now be cancelled.

Gary Palmer GMB regional Organiser said: 

“The council has now ratified the written commitment from the council to increase pay and end unilateral round changes.

“We are very proud of GMB members for standing up for themselves to win their own respect and fair treatment.

“They have also had amazing public support, despite the inconvenience the people of Brighton and Hove have had to put up with.

“We will also see all lowest paid council staff  - predominantly women workers - across the city get a pay rise as a consequence of this GMB Cityclean campaign.

“GMB union has delivered for working people.”


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