Another £1million for GMB members

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Between July and September 2021, GMB Southern Region recovered more than £1 million of compensation for members. This includes compensation in personal injury claims and employment related disputes.

Justin Bowden, GMB Regional Secretary, commented saying:

“GMB is winning and winning big for members. We continue to win compensation in legal claims and to raise the terms and conditions for working people throughout the Region.


“GMB is gearing up to ballot all Ambulance Service and NHS staff for strike action over pay. We clapped and cheered our NHS heroes at the start of the pandemic – now they deserve a 15% or £2 per hour pay increase, (whichever is highest), not a badge and not the miserly increase offered by the government.


“Even a 15% pay increase would only replace what has been lost from NHS pay packets over the last decade.


“We call on all GMB Ambulance Service and NHS staff to stand together and vote YES to strike action.”