GMB Victory in Forterra's Newbury Site Pay Dispute

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Reps and members showed amazing strength and solidarity throughout the whole negotiation process, says GMB Southern

  • GMB, the union for workers at Forterra’s Newbury site, have claimed victory in a pay dispute after balloting members on whether to take strike action following a 2017 pay offer. The ballot resulted in a vote of 100% in favour of industrial action. [See notes to editors for previous GMB release on Forterra]

    The prospect of strike action has been averted following a new deal between Forterra management and GMB Representatives.

    As a part of the new deal GMB has secured a 4% pay increase with 18 months back pay and 2 additional days annual leave, which was accepted by majority of GMB members. GMB hailed this as a "victory" for the benefit of union membership.

    Management at Forterra, a UK supplier of building materials, also makes commitment to address the pay gap in 2018 pay negotiations.

    Asia Allison, GMB Regional Organiser said: 

    "GMB Reps and members showed amazing strength and solidarity throughout the whole negotiation process. This proves that standing firm together in solidarity against employers can succeed.  

    "We are pleased that this dispute has been settled, after 8 months of protracted negotiations. GMB welcome Forterra management's long term commitment to narrow the pay gap between the lowest and highest paid staff, and the acknowledgment that changes must be brought forward. With this in mind, we are looking forward to starting pay negotiations for 2018.
    "For a number of years, the GMB members have been receiving pay rises well below inflation, meaning a real-terms pay cut and it is the right time to start restoring their losses.
    "I am pleased that GMB members are finally receiving a slice of the cake and not just the crumbs from the table."
    Contact: Asia Allison on 07813 541 930 or GMB Southern Press Office 07970 114 762
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