GMB union: ExxonMobil ‘throwing money’ at agencies rather than our members

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We will be prepared to name and shame any agency or contractor who takes money from our members’ pockets in this way, says GMB union

GMB, the energy union, are preparing to name and shame companies who are providing strike-breakers in the midst of a trades dispute at Fawley oil refinery near Southampton.

The union have been informed that agency workers have been retained on full pay until strike action recommenced, following a temporary suspension of action actioned by GMB and sister union Unite.

Strike action at the refinery was suspended for Monday to Wednesday of this week to allow negotiations to take place, only for GMB to be told that talks would not be happening as there was "nothing to discuss."

Bryan Hulley, GMB Regional Organiser said:

“We suspended our strike action this week and asked for the employers to talk to us using NJC Facilitation [a procedure similar to ACAS conciliation as contained within the NAECI agreement].

"Having previously made overtures to us saying that they would meet us if we agreed to suspend the action, the response this time was that they would not meet us as 'there is nothing to discuss.'

“During the members’ absence, agency workers have been used to carry out their jobs and we understand that these workers were retained on full pay even when they were sitting at home waiting for the strike to restart.

"It would appear that Exxon are throwing money at agencies to break the strike rather than give our members a single penny.

"If they have the money to do that, surely the reasonable thing to do would be to reward the hard-working members who have been there for years and are simply asking for a little help getting through this cost of living crisis."

“We will be prepared to name and shame any agency or contractor who takes money from our members pockets in this way.”


Contact: Bryan Hulley on 07733 893 059