GMB brands Canterbury City Council and its Labour Leader Alan Baldock as 'seriously out of touch'

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Settling the strike by paying bin workers the local market rates of £12 an hour for loaders and £15 an hour for drivers would be much more popular than having even more councillors and the resurrection of a mothballed bus scheme, says GMB

GMB union has branded Canterbury City Council as out of touch after Labour Leader Alan Baldock said he wanted an extra ten Councillors [1] and to resurrect the previously abandoned Sturry Park & Ride scheme [2] at a combined cost of a third of a million pounds.

It was this week revealed that the Council has agreed to expand the number of city councillors by 10 [1] and resurrect the mothballed Sturry Road bus depot to introduce a Park and Ride service [2], at a combined cost of around £332,500 to the taxpayer.

Labour Leader of the Council, Cllr Alan Baldock responded to a petition to the Council on Thursday 20 July to say that a pay rise would cost £300,000 to be implemented and that the council could not afford that amount [3].

GMB has previously calculated that paying the council's refuse drivers and loaders the market rate of £15 and £12 per hour respectively [4] would cost in the region of £90,000 per year.

Frank Macklin, GMB Regional Organiser said:

"Canterbury Council and its Leader are seriously out of touch.

"The one service that every household in Canterbury, Herne Bay and Whitstable receives is refuse and recycling.

"If the Labour Leader of the Council Alan Baldock thinks the voters would rather have another ten councillors or the Sturry Park and Ride resurrected, he needs to get out on some doorsteps and do some listening.

"Settling the strike by paying bin workers the local market rates of £12 an hour for loaders and £15 an hour for drivers would be much more popular than having even more councillors and the resurrection of a mothballed bus scheme.

"GMB advises any frustrated local residents to contact their local councillor and tell them so [5]."


Media Enquiries: Frank Macklin on 07983 326743 




[3] Recording of Cllr Baldock’s speech to the council: 

[4] List of local authorities in South East England and their rates of pay for refuse workers:  

  • Brighton & Hove – Drivers = £16.27 p/h; Loaders = £12.32 p/h  
  • Adur & Worthing – Drivers = £16.59 p/h; Loaders = £12.46 p/h  
  • Dover & Folkestone – Drivers = £15.50 p/h; Loaders = £12.00 p/h   
  • Ashford – Drivers = £15.02 p/h; Loaders = £12.00   
  • Swale – Drivers = £15.02 p/h; Loaders = £12.00   
  • Winchester – Drivers = £15.50 p/h; Loaders = £12.00 p/h   
  • Chichester – Drivers = £15.21 p/h; Loaders = £11.99 p/h  

[5] Contact details for Canterbury City Councillors

Name  Ward  Political Party Email 
Pat Edwards  Barton  Labour 
Connie Nolan  Barton  Labour 
Paul Prentice  Barton  Labour 
Ian Stockley  Beltinge  Conservative 
Jeanette Stockley  Beltinge  Conservative 
Steph Jupe  Blean Forest  Liberal Democrats 
Alex Ricketts  Blean Forest  Liberal Democrats 
Dan Smith  Blean Forest  Liberal Democrats 
Mike Bland  Chartham and Stone Street  Labour 
Alister Brady  Chartham and Stone Street  Labour 
James Flanagan  Chestfield  Liberal Democrats 
Peter Old  Chestfield  Liberal Democrats 
Steven Wheeler  Gorrell  The Green Party 
Chris Cornell  Gorrell  Labour 
Clare Turnbull  Gorrell  The Green Party 
Dan Watkins  Greenhill  Conservative 
Joe Howes  Herne and Broomfield  Conservative 
Robert Jones  Herne and Broomfield  Conservative 
Liz Harvey  Heron  Conservative 
Tom Mellish  Heron  Labour 
David Thomas  Heron  Conservative 
Lee Castle  Little Stour and Adisham  Liberal Democrats 
Mike Sole  Nailbourne  Liberal Democrats 
Alan Baldock  Northgate  Labour 
Jean Butcher  Northgate  Labour 
Rachel Carnac  Reculver  Conservative 
Charlotte Cornell  Seasalter  Labour 
Naomi Smith  Seasalter  Labour 
Elizabeth Carr-Ellis  St Stephen’s  Labour 
Mel Dawkins  St Stephen’s  Labour 
Harry McKenzie  Sturry  Labour 
Keji Moses  Sturry  Labour 
Keith Bothwell  Swalecliffe  The Green Party 
Simon Warley  Tankerton  Labour 
Andrew Harvey  West Bay  The Green Party 
Michael Dixey  Westgate  Liberal Democrats 
Pip Hazelton  Westgate  Labour 
Dane Buckman  Wincheap  Labour 
Roben Franklin  Wincheap  Liberal Democrats