Canterbury Council and Canenco blame each other for refuse collection strike as tourism prioritised over residents' bins

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Piles of rubbish could be avoided if workers were only paid the going rate, says GMB

GMB members working in refuse collection and street cleaning within Canterbury City Council have this morning continued their strike, as council bosses and the waste contractor blame each other for the dispute.

Canenco, the employer, and council leaders are blaming each other, while GMB, the union for waste and recycling, believes that there is a deal that can be reached to get these essential hard working GMB refuse workers back to work.

The union also understands that street cleaning vehicles were moved from the depot overnight but not bin lorries, in a clear indication that the cleaning of tourist areas is higher on the list of priorities than residents’ bin collections.

Frank Macklin, GMB Regional Organiser said:

“This action has only just started and it looks like it could have been resolved already if it weren’t for the council and the employer pointing the finger at one another.

“If this strike continues, rubbish will be piling up completely unnecessarily.

“These piles of rubbish could be avoided if workers were only paid the going rate.

“In the meantime, our members have been blown away by the support from the Canterbury residents who have been beeping their horns and dropping off water, food and sweets to the picket line.

“If any resident is unhappy that their bins are being ignored so the Council can keep the pedestrianised city centre clean, you should get in touch with your local councillor immediately.”


Media enquiries: Frank Macklin on 07983 326743