Wimbledon parking wardens make 'racquet' over tennis tournament pay cuts

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Wimbledon risks becoming a gridlocked, polluted car park without the hard work of GMB Union members

Wimbledon parking wardens are making a ‘racquet’ over plans to cut their overtime rates, GMB Union says. 

Merton Council plans to cut the pay of those tasked with keeping the traffic moving during Wimbledon tennis tournament fortnight.  

From the end of June for a couple of weeks every year Wimbledon comes alive with tourists and tennis - it also comes alive with traffic.  

GMB members give up two weeks of their lives every summer to ensure this British institution runs smoothly and safely for residents and visitors.  

But this year Merton Council proposes to slash the overtime rates for the traffic wardens who work hard to prevent Merton and Wimbledon becoming gridlocked.  

By taking away the current overtime rates for GMB members the council are taking money away from low paid workers at the worst time.  

Alice Reynolds, GMB Regional Organiser, said: “GMB condemns this cut-throat move by Merton Council to slash the pay GMB members get for working during Wimbledon Tennis Tournament. 

“Wimbledon risks becoming a gridlocked, polluted car park without the hard work that GMB members put into keeping the streets of Merton clear. 

“Our members won’t take this quietly – they'll be making a racquet. 

“GMB have protested this move from the council, but it has been pushed forward. We do not see this as a win for members or a win for Wimbledon.”