Wiltshire traffic wardens announce another week of strikes of fire and rehire

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GMB members vote for more action after Wiltshire Council refuses to rule out fire and rehire to impose their pay cut

GMB union has called a seven day strike of all traffic wardens (Civil Enforcement Officers) in Wiltshire from Thursday 30 June until Wednesday 6 July.  

This follows two days of strikes which took place in May. 

The union members are opposing a pay cut of 10 per cent for traffic wardens, which would mean a £2,000 annual pay cut. 

Wiltshire Council is seeking to save £800,000 by withdrawing contractual unsocial hours payments from almost 350 staff, including social workers, and care workers.  

During strike days, Penalty Charge Notices for unlawful parking will not be issued, and parking charges in council car parks will not be enforced, losing the council up to £30,000 per day.  

Keith Roberts, GMB Regional Organiser said: 

“Our members are at the end of their tether.  After the last two strikes the council agreed to talks with ACAS, but they have twice pulled out of agreed dates that they themselves suggested and were in our diaries. 

“They pulled out of talks on the 7th and 21st. They have now agreed to 29th, but this is a whole 6 weeks after they originally agreed to talk, and there is no guarantee that they won’t pull out again, as they already have done so twice. 

“In the meantime, in the middle of a cost of living crisis, our members have the terrible threat hanging over their heads of a huge pay cut. This is impacting their well being and several are off sick with stress. The council need to start acting like grown-ups, and take the proposed pay cuts off the table. 

“To make matters worse, the council have refused to take Fire and Rehire off the table. This is the disgraceful practice, of sacking your own workforce to force through contractual changes. 

“This is a red rag to a bull for our members, who will not voluntarily accept a pay cut, and are disgusted that the council refuses to rule out the rogue option of Fire and Rehire, which is usually the last resort of only the most unscrupulous employers. 

“Wiltshire Council needs to understand that this 7-day strike will be a major escalation from GMB, and we will ensure that it hits them hard in the pocket, costing them up to £200,000 in lost income.”