NJC Pay Claim Survey 2022/23

GMB will be meeting shortly to agree the NJC Pay Claim for 2022/23 across England, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Even though we have only recently settled your latest pay rise, it is time for us to start the process of trying to secure you the best possible pay deal for you and your colleagues for next year.

If you work for a local council, school, academy, contractor, and your pay is covered by the NJC then you need to complete this survey. The pay claim will then be submitted to the employers in the next few months and discussions will start on your pay.

GMB prides itself on ensuring that all members have a say on their pay. So ahead of the pay discussions we are stepping up GMB's Stop the Pay Cuts Campaign. GMB is clear we need real term pay increases to remedy the last decade of pay cuts.

GMB will be campaigning for a pay deal that recognises the immense contribution our members make each day across Local Government, Councils and Schools and this has never been more pressing as workers across Britain are hit with a cost of living crisis.  This is your opportunity to have your say on your pay. 

We'd also like to know what the issues are that affect you locally in your workplace, that you would like us to take-up on your behalf, are.  So please complete the GMB survey as soon as possible.

Remember union strength is in its numbers so the more people who join GMB, the more power we have to challenge employers and make a real difference for you in your work.

This survey will be online until Tuesday 24th May 2022

All survey responses will be kept strictly confidential and once the responses are collated, the GMB pay submission will be agreed by the trade union staff side and a copy will be made available to you.

To view GMB's privacy policy click here:  https://www.gmb.org.uk/legal-privacy