Volatile situation continues as private contractor ISS continues to withhold pay at coronavirus-hit Lewisham hospital

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Loyal workers turned up to work today to clean the hospital but got threats and broken promises in return

Cleaners staged an impromptu protest outside of Lewisham hospital today as ISS reneged on their promises to pay them wages owed by this morning.

Furious cleaners on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic downed tools yesterday - but came into work this morning after ISS told that their pay would be corrected today.

When GMB Union learnt of the crisis, representatives met with ISS director Nick Clarke, who suggested it could take up to another week to sort out the pay issue.

No managers have been affected by the pay crisis, Mr Clarke said.

ISS has denied workers any form of compensation for the crisis and to add insult to injury they threatened to withhold the promise of the London living wage being paid with full back pay in April if workers attended the protest today.

Helen O’Connor, GMB Organiser, said: “Our members are in dire financial straits as ISS continue to drag their heels to sort out the pay crisis in Lewisham hospital.

“Their loyal workers turned up to work today to clean the hospital and make sure the patients are safe. But what they are getting back from ISS is threats and broken promises.

“The behaviour of the ISS top brass is incredible given these jobs are vital to the hospital in normal circumstances, but in the present climate the work they do is utterly fundamental. 

“This Government has promised hospitals will have everything they need to deal with coronavirus  - but Lewisham Hospital will not even have cleaners if this pay fiasco continues. It must be a fundamental right to be paid for the work you do.

“GMB Union is calling on Lewisham and Greenwich NHS to bring this vital service back in house and put the cleaners on NHS pay terms and conditions.”


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