Remember to use your vote!

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You should be receiving your ballot paper very soon for GMB's next General Secretary and Treasurer

You should have received an email from us yesterday reminding you how important it is that you use your vote in the election to decide the next General Secretary and Treasurer of GMB.  If you have not received it, it may be because you we have incorrect details for you.  Get in touch with us via if you did not receive it, and we will look into it for you.

The wording of the email is as follows:

If you haven't already received your ballot paper, you should be receiving it in the post very soon.  This ballot gives you, as a GMB member, the opportunity to vote for the next General Secretary and Treasurer of the union.

This is a very important election, which will decide who gets to run the union for the next 5 years, and we encourage all our members to take advantage of their right to vote.

Most members will not know the candidates who have put themselves forward, and may not have heard of them other than from the booklet that accompanies the ballot paper.

To help you make up your mind who to vote for, the candidates took part in a hustings event on Monday evening, and this was recorded and made available for you to watch.  To watch this event, and see video messages from all 3 candidates and the National President, simply click on the link below.

Find out more about your candidates HERE

Once again, I would encourage you to read through the booklet carefully and use your right to vote, so you can have your say in who gets to be in charge of our great union.

Best wishes,

Justin Bowden
GMB Southern Regional Secretary 


* This message is being sent in accordance with by-law 22 of the General Secretary & Treasurer Election 2021 by-laws:

22. Up to two nationally organised electronic hustings will be held. Recordings of electronic hustings, together with a video statement from each candidate, will be posted on the GMB website and sent to all Regional Secretaries and to all Branch Secretaries for onward transmission to members. The message accompanying this transmission to members should include an encouragement to vote, and the wording should be strictly as agreed by the Finance & General Purposes Committee.