Register to attend TUC's annual equality conferences

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Since this year's events are online, there is no need to seek nominations from your branch - any member can attend!

GMB Southern Region are inviting any interested members to sign up for one or more of the TUC's annual equality conferences.

Since they are not being held as delegate based conferences this year, any GMB member who wishes to attend can register to attend the conference virtually.

The conferences are open to all trade unionists who identify with the relevant strand. Please go to the below links (listed in date order) to register.

There will be opportunities to speak in the open public conference sessions on the topics listed in the conference agendas, which can be found at the above pages. The TUC asks that unions advise them in advance where members wish to speak in a session. If you are attending one of the conferences and wish to speak please let us know, with details of the session you want to speak in and any support you need to prepare, so we can advise the TUC.

Even if you do not wish to speak, we would still be grateful if you could let us know that you have registered to attend.  Please do so by emailing