NHS workers transporting coronavirus patients ‘not given hand sanitiser’ says GMB

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“Anyone getting sick will get just £94 a week - nowhere near enough to live on”, says GMB Union

GMB members transporting patients from major hospitals in London - including St Georges NHS, Croydon NHS and Kingston Hospital NHS - are not being given hand sanitiser, GMB Union says.

Those working for the outsourced HATS group say they are not being given the personal protection equipment needed to keep themselves and the public safe.

Meanwhile workers have been told they if they get sick from Coronavirus they will only be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) which - at just £94 a week  - is nowhere near enough to live on.

Helen O’Connor, GMB Organiser, said: “GMB organises workers across NHS services who are on the frontline of the battle against coronavirus.

“Reports we are getting from health workers across the board are really worrying.

“Private contractors like HATs group seem to be failing in their duty of care to the workforce and hospital patients - they are not even giving hand sanitiser to workers transporting coronavirus patients. It’s terrifying.

“One worried GMB member with flu-like symptoms was told that he will only get statutory sick pay - so he will be plunged into a financial black hole if he self isolates.

“The Chancellor promised the NHS would have everything it needs to contain the coronavirus pandemic, but the stories we get from the frontline fly in the face of this.

“It's high time trusts recognised the dangers of outsourcing and pulled these vital workers back in house on full NHS terms and conditions in order to protect patients and the public.”


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