Information for NHS members on medical exemption from mandatory vaccination

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Information for NHS members on medical exemption from mandatory vaccination

Dear members,


We are aware that the majority of our members are vaccinated so the following letter will not apply to you.


We write to advise that the cut off date for ***unvaccinated*** NHS staff to receive their first dose of the vaccine is Feb 3rd.


By Feb 3rd our members will need to either have had the vaccine or secured medical exemption.


Failure to act now means that your trust can legally dismiss you.


GMB UNION has written out to all trusts requesting that a supportive approach and redeployment into a non- patient facing role is considered but we are being advised that these roles will be limited and may require special skills so there are no guarantees that any member without either vaccination or a medical exemption will stay employed in the NHS after Feb 3rd.


Please be advised that the process to be considered for medical exemption is as follows:


How to apply for and receive your COVID Pass when you’re unable to be vaccinated


A carer can apply on your behalf.


Phone the NHS COVID Pass service on 119 to ask for an NHS COVID Pass medical exemptions application form.

You can also call to find out more information about NHS COVID Pass medical exemptions.


The call handler at the NHS COVID Pass service will ask you some questions. You will need to give:

  • your name
  • your date of birth
  • your NHS number (if you know it)
  • the name of your GP and/or specialist clinician

2. If you’re eligible to apply, you’ll get an application form by post.


You should not ask your GP for an application form. If you do go to your GP before you get your application form you’ll be asked to call the NHS COVID Pass service on 119.


3. Return your application form to the GP or relevant clinician stated on the form.


Your application will be clinically reviewed by your doctor, specialist or midwife. Your GP, specialist or midwife may ask to speak with you if needed, but you won’t need to book this when you submit your application.


4. You’ll automatically get the results of your application by post once your application has been processed.


You don’t need to contact your GP or the clinician reviewing your exemption unless they ask you to contact them.


5. If you get a medical exemption you can use the domestic NHS COVID Pass wherever you need to.


The pass won’t show others that you have a medical exemption, just that you have the NHS COVID Pass.


You can access your NHS COVID Pass digitally – on the NHS app or the NHS website.


Yours Sincerely


GMB Southern Region