Maintenance workers receive 5% pay rise at Royal Berks Hospital

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GMB wins over 5% pay rise for maintenance members of CBRE at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

We are pleased to have finally won this longstanding battle, says GMB Southern
Maintenance workers at CBRE who keep the Royal Berkshire Hospital warm, safe and secure for all the patients and staff have won a big victory over pay.  
A number of employees have been denied a pay rise for the last five years. The maintenance work was privatised and contracted out from the Trust in 2012 and staff have been consistently denied the 1% pay rise they would have received had they still been working for the NHS. 
The win will give the members a decent amount of back pay in their Christmas pay packet, plus a pay rise of over 5% in future pay.  
Derek Prout, Workplace Organiser, said:
“This situation left them struggling while inflation and local housing prices rocketed.  Over the last few months, GMB picked up the pace on their campaign over this injustice. The members stood united in demanding the pay rise they believe they are entitled to and we are pleased to have finally won this longstanding battle.”
Nikki Dancey, GMB Regional Organiser, added:
“The battle has finally been won for our members at the Royal Berks Hospital but GMB is well aware that this situation is common across the NHS. There are thousands of workers contracted out of the NHS that are not getting the pay rises they would have been entitled to if they still worked for the NHS. These members at CRBE stood up to their employer and it has paid off. We hope this serves as a warning to private companies in the NHS making obscene profits at the taxpayers’ expense.
“GMB knows that these workers are a vital and integral part of the NHS workforce and help to ensure it operates effectively and efficiently, and GMB is committed to supporting them whilst continuing to campaign against the backdoor privatisation of our Health Service that – despite the denials – this Government is beavering away at.
“GMB continues to campaign across the entire public sector to end the pay cap, end the governmental cuts and demand more funding for all services in Reading and across the UK.”
Contact: Nikki Dancey 07713 079930 or GMB Press Office 07970 114762